Today, many consider ‘reputation management’ in terms of comments and discussion on the internet. However, while this is increasingly important, a company’s reputation is built using many tools: overhearing your staff talk on trains or on their personal social media pages, end users sharing their experiences, and press coverage reviews and reports in traditional media are just a few examples.

Reputation management is at the heart of client acquisition: the vast majority of people considering using your products and services will carry out research to verify your company. Reputation management is the foundation to the success of your business. Mango  works with our clients to protect them and build their reputation using all available tools.


Your key branding messages are an important part of building your reputation; it is vital to differentiate you from your competitors. We can help develop positive references, information, traditional and online media coverage to raise sector awareness and compound these messages. We also have a graphic design team who can help you develop new logos and brand guidelines to fit these messages. 

Mango’s strategy insight helps clients understand and respond to the context of the sector. We can draft tailored award entries for the education and training sectors, run facilitated messaging services to help craft effective key messages and help in undertaking research.


Effective crisis management is an essential part of protecting reputation for education providers. Working with hundreds and more often thousands of young people brings unique challenges and there is no second chance to get it right. Poorly handled crises can ruin an organisation. Successful crisis management involves rapid response as soon as problems emerge. Mango and its parent agency PLMR are equipped to provide immediate media relations assistance, offering a 24/7 service to our clients. We will help you react to difficult situations with a range of practical and proven support.


Our parent agency, PLMR, offers a programme of media training and support that will help your spokespeople deal with the most challenging media engagements. We know what makes journalists tick, and the questions they’re likely to ask. We can work with you to create the messages that will put your organisation in the best light. We’ve developed the techniques that help you deliver those messages, in the face of the toughest questioning.

PLMR’s Director of Film, Digital and Design, Mike Ramsden, has over 18 years experience as a journalist at BBC News. He’s a skilled live interviewer, so he understands the type of questions that may be asked and how you might respond to a difficult line of questioning.

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